Tara Hirshberg Jewelry is designed and made by hand in Los Angeles. Tara's playful, elegant and bold designs are inspired by her life in LA and her constant search for the Strength in Softness.   

Before starting her eponymously named jewelry line in 2014, Tara had an extensive career as an art dealer and private curator. She was the co-owner of Sandroni Rey Gallery from 1998-2010, which opened on Abbot Kinney in 1998 and spear headed the transformation of that street into a cultural destination. She moved the gallery to La Cienega in 2004 and was again at the forefront of a neighborhood’s transformation as Culver City evolved into an international arts district. She spent the years following the closing of the gallery as a sought after private curator managing art collections across the country.

“My life spent in the art world completely informs my jewelry designs. I have always been interested in the power to communicate through images and symbols. They allow you to cross the boundaries of language, experience and culture and explore what is timeless, universal and personal all at the same time.”

Tara‘s designs stem from her desire to explore and express the Strength in Softness, something she aims to embody as best she can in her life and her work. Her designs and symbols are meant to exist in both the collective and the personal realms. Made from 18k gold and diamonds, Tara's pieces are meant to be worn every day and passed down through generations. Her Goddess Collection is the ultimate manifestation of the strength, softness, power and grace that live inside all of us.

Tara’s Surf Collection is a natural extension of her life growing up in Southern California. She has long been inspired and influenced by the mix of dedication and easy-going joy that defines surf culture. Her extensive career in the art world has made her acutely aware of the power of design and color to communicate and she uses both to share the sense of joy and strength she finds in the ocean.

Tara's Constellation Collection continues her interest in reimagining familiar symbols. She has recreated the linear representations of the Zodiac in 18k gold and diamonds and produced them to be worn as single earrings, as a traditional pair or as charms in a variety of sizes. Allowing the wearer to express themselves as uniquely as their individual star sign. 

Tara, her two sons and her husband travel the world surfing and the various designs of the surf pieces are named after the places where they have gone. The shapes and colors are designed to reflect the energy and landscape of their favorite surf spots. The Surf Collection is made from 10k gold and enamel with the occasional 18k and diamonds thrown in for good measure!