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Cocktail Collection

Add a hit of color with a touch of vintage to your jewel box! The Cocktail Collection was conceptualized when one of Tara's clients came to her with a very sentimental, but woefully un-chic, ring that was once her Grandmother's. The client loved the idea of wearing this heirloom, but couldn't see how to incorporate a giant stone into her day to day jewelry wardrobe.

Tara removed the stone and completely reimagined its presentation. She designed a bold, sleek setting with the gem set flush surrounded by colorful enamel. The result was an instantly chic and classic new statement ring. The project was so successful that requests for custom up-cycled pieces came pouring in and the Not Your Grandma's Cocktail Rings were born!

The entire Cocktail Collection followed, made up of ready to wear rings, pendants and studs. Lets rock Grandma chic forever Goddesses! 

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