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Our Constellation Collection, a linear representation of the zodiac signs in gold and diamonds, were inspired by a trip to Japan.

Collection Notes from Tara:

Horoscopes reside in the overlap of the personal and the universal that I find fascinating, in the same way that the symbols I like to work with do. The symbols and constellations that draw me have a rich historical lineage. They communicate through cultures, experiences, language and belief systems to explore things that are timeless and universal but also profoundly personal. With horoscopes in particular, the coexistence of the universal and personal is intense. Within a person’s astrological sign, which is universal to a large degree, their own personal horoscope – their stars and moons and rising signs - is affected down to the place, day, hour and minute they were born.

I have always been drawn to the power of the stars and the zodiac and it wasn’t until I traveled to Japan that I figured out how I was to design our Constellation Collection. I was amazed by the fact that in Tokyo you could be inundated with stimuli but then suddenly find yourself in a quiet moment. They find ways to create space for calm within the chaos, which is something I am always striving for and their use of calligraphy inspired a similar feeling.

I was taken with both the slowness of the process as well as the economy of the line and the way that they communicated emotion in the most economical way possible. It inspired me to pare down the constellations to their most basic elements, the stars themselves, and literally just connect the dots, in this case with gold.

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